Level 1

Beginning Persian
Proficiency Level: 0+/ 1+

What you will learn: For self-instruction (when used with accompanying handwriting DVD, audio CDs and flashcard) or used in a classroom setting, this course is designed to teach basic language skills —listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing—in authentic contexts.

What you will need:

  1. Proficiency in Persian, Book 1, contains 1 CD ($50.00) link
  2. Proficiency in Persian, Book 1 Audio Companion, contains 4 CDs ($25.00) link


  1. Persian Handwriting (New Edition), Contains Manual and DVD ($35.00) link
  2. Pronunciation and Writing Flashcards, contains 1 DVD plus 120 Cards ($25.00) link
  3. Dialogues in Persian, contains 1 book plus 1 DVD ($50.00) link