A disciplined approach to learning Persian...

I'm so happy with the course... it's so easy, fun and exciting. Thanks to their interactive curriculum, I’m finally learning Persian handwriting and pronunciation the right way.

It's like having a professor in your room!

Beginner Persian

CD DVD Book Flashcard Level 1

This first course is designed to teach basic language skills, which include listening comprehension, speaking, and reading at levels 0+/1+ as defined by the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL).


Intermediate Persian

CD DVD Book Level 2

This course enables students to develop effective communication skills in both spoken and written Persian. It targets the listening comprehension, speaking and reading requirements of ACTFL levels 1+/2.


Advanced Persian

CD DVD Book Level 3

Book Three is intended to teach listening comprehension, speaking and reading at levels 2+/3 as defined by ACTFL.


Superior Persian

CD Book Level 4